The Global Ambassadors originated at the Universal American School in Hawally, Kuwait. The UAS Ambassadors volunteered at the animal shelter and the childrens ward of the hospital in conjunction with KAACH. This founding group later became the UAS Green Ambassadors and their focus and service is now on environmental issues and projects. 

The second Ambassadors group was started at the Qatar Leadership Academy in Al Khor, Qatar.  This all-male group worked with the orphanage and other local schools.  Their capstone project was restoring an abandoned beach mosque in Al Thakira.  This group is not currently functioning due to the lack of an advisor.

The third Ambassadors group was formed at the Anglo-American School of Moscow.  This group continues to flourish and is focused on spreading global awareness through education and school building.  Their first school, The  Ambassadors Learning Center was completed in June 2016 in Kamatanda, Zambia.    Since then, the group has built a library and adult learning center, paid for teacher training and housing.

Floriane Charles, a graduate of the  Ambassadors group in Moscow, Russia  formed the Concordia Ambassadors at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.  Muhammad Khan, a former AAS student started Embajadores de Globales de ASF in Mexico City.  Their first global project was to raise funds to provide books for special needs students at the Baobab School in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe and purchase school supplies for the silent dropout program in Pandamatenga, Botswana. Other former Ambassadors are looking to form branches at universities across the globe.

The newest Global Ambassadors club was recently formed at Island Coast High School in Cape Coral, Florida. Their first goal is to raise funds for food staples for our school children in Zambia, since a drought destroyed all the crops.  Some of their members are working with the hydroponics program to find sustainable foods that can be grown with little water in the region.  


The next large goal of Ambassadors is to raise the funds needed for the completion of a preschool in Pandamatenga, Botswana.

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