Darren, 57

I have been living in Pandamatenga for almost two years. I lived in Tanzania, Nigeria, Mozambique… basically all over! But what drew me to Pandamatenga, in particular, was my project with developing their roads. I remember first arriving in this village, I was very excited; I definitely recognized that everyone was very friendly and kind. But, I also remember recognizing that this village is very backwards. I do try to help the village, especially with my projects with road development, but what is more important is that the villagers need to start learning to help themselves. Botswana is basically given everything: free medical care and schooling. But they always just want more. Unless someone initiates something, they will not do it themselves. Often, when the villagers receive money from work, they use it on alcohol. Alcohol is a very big problem in Botswana; instead of using that money to support their children and buy them necessities, they simply use it on alcohol.


Overall, Pandamatenga is a beautiful place and, as I mentioned before, the people here are very friendly. Sometimes, their priorities are not correct; but that does not mean it can not be fixed. The children, in particular, have a lot of potential. I recognize that they have huge dreams and aspirations; they want to change the world! It is just hard when they are not taught the right example from their parents at home, but I do believe that the children here are special and will learn how to behave properly, even is some of them have to do it without their parents.

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