Grandma Dilo, 67

I was born and raised here in Pandamatenga. I worked most of my life, but now, my main job is taking care of my grandchildren. One of my grandchildren, Othusitse, is very sick, I must always take care of her since her mother does not. I live off of pension funds, 200 Pula a month ($19), but that is not enough for food and water, so it is very hard for us. I make extra money cutting reeds that are used to make thatched roofs for huts. The government gave me a little pink house last year; I have never lived in a house before, I have never even slept on a bed. Because of this, I am very thankful. Pandamatenga has always been such a beautiful village, seeing all the kids happy is what makes it beautiful. I will always protect and care for these  children. Note: Grandma Dilo's house was provided by the Botswana government as part of a program that assists the destitute and elderly.

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