Kemofitlhetsie, 17

Growing up in the village of Pandamatenga was difficult. I have seen so many people struggle for food and water. I am the oldest of 9 siblings, each for whom I care and love very much. It is important for me to take care of my siblings because my mother decides not to. So, caring for my siblings has become my biggest priority growing up.

I really do care for the people in Pandamatenga; every child and adult has become part of my family, so I will always love them. I have a dream that I will once see my village happy; that this village will grow and everyone will be educated.

In order for my dream to come true, I decided to take action to make a difference in the village. A couple of years ago, I started teaching kids under a tree. When I first started, I did not think that many kids would show up. But, as time went on, more kids were excited to learn. I am no teacher, I was not even in Secondary School when I first started teaching, but I found it important to teach the younger kids who are unable to attend school the importance of education. I taught them how to spell their name, to share and to help one another. I may not be able to teach them Mathematics or English, but I want them to know that part of education is learning how to care for one another. I wanted to make a difference, I wanted the kids of Pandamatenga to realize how important education is.


My motivation grew when I met my best friend, Jacob Simonov. I remember first seeing him arrive with the rest of the Ambassadors, who were all very kind and loving. He invited me to play football with his friends and, from then, we became very close. He constantly gives me presents and cares for me. But, the best quality about Jacob is that he has always motivated me no matter what. He always pushed me to study hard and go on to Secondary School and, now that I am finally in Secondary School, I became the Class President and I work very hard on my studies. I will always remember Jacob, the same way he will always encourage me to work hard.


After my education, I want to travel the world because, after meeting with the Ambassadors, there are so many interesting people outside of Pandamatenga - my dream place to visit, of course, is Russia! I want to explore and I want to learn. Also, I want to work in the Botswana government and help the village of Pandamatenga. One thing I want to do is to build a hospital in this village, since the closest hospital is 12km away. But, again, my main goal is to see my village happy. Pandamatenga is my home, I really do care and love the people here.

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