Mafa, 37

I am now 37! I am definitely older than you. I was born in Maun, but I have lived in Pandamatenga for more than 25 years. My profession is that I run an internet cafe! Actually, if you are coming from Francistown you should see a yellow sign! That’s mine! At first, I was working at a station where I dealt with computers and I thought to myself “I like this job, why can’t I do more” so eventually I started my own business. Unfortunately, I am not close to a lot of children, but I am getting there. I think it’s good to help them, to get to know the children.


If there was anything I could wish for it is to see myself as one of the leaders of this village. I really want to work with the disabled, the elders, and the children. After all, this village is the fruit basket for hope. I also have some ideas for what I would change. The drunk people drink too much and I think that we can work with them. A lot of the youth are not working and we need to fix this. If they were here today there would be much improved. Just look around now… you won’t see any of the youth. That’s my wish.

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