Meshak, 43

I used to work very hard, every day, at work. I had to stop working in 2010 when my leg started to swell up; it was very painful and it prevented me from doing my work. The hardest part about leaving work is that I did not know where this disease on my leg came from. It just appeared one day and I had to stop everything. I constantly went to the clinic to see if there were any possible medications to take, but my leg never ended up getting better. My wife inspires me because after I had to stop working, she started to work even harder to help raise our three children. She works in the government and is surrounded by so many hard working people. Seeing her come home every day, really makes me miss working - I really want to go back. But sometimes in life, there are circumstances that prevent you from doing what you want to do. I want to teach my children to never give up and continue going to school. I may have lost my job, but now my job is to raise my children to be like my wife who works hard every single day.

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