Rigby, 12

Living in Pandamatenga is much fun because there is a lot of farmland and places to play sport! In my free time, I often run around, play with my dog, kick around a football, that kind of stuff. I usually only see the children in the village when the Ambassadors are here… we drive around the village, and every year I get excited for them to come. I really like hanging out with them because then I don’t have to stay at home all the time. Being homeschooled can get sort of boring and I don’t hang out with others a lot. I mean I do have my brother, but he lives in Johannesburg, so usually, I hang out with my dog, Troy.

I actually have a story about Troy! Once my dog met a lion and my dad came running out yelling “Troy! Troy!” The lion ran further towards my dog and Troy ended up being bitten by him. My dad told me he had never heard a dog cry so loud. To this day, Troy has a couple of scars on his back from the holes.

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