Tshepho, 29

I’m 21 years old and have been a nurse for only six months. Originally, I wanted to be a doctor, but because I wanted to help as soon as possible, I decided to become a nurse.  In Pandamatenga, there are a lot of problems here, but you know mostly it is due to compliance of patients. I really think if patients could be compliant there would be fewer problems. The prevalence of HIV and AIDs in Pandamatenga is huge, yet none of the children I know have died from it. Sometimes they are presented to me with meningitis, skin conditions, but usually now if they don’t test it is a problem, as we can't detect it. If we see obvious symptoms such as when the liver enlarges we can try and help them. I want everyone to know that this test is free! I wish more people knew that. If you are diagnosed, you get enrolled in treatment and it is also free! You know, I really can’t understand why people don’t come to visit us, I think they are just difficult. I do my best to reassure them that they should all get checked because the earlier someone knows if they have HIV or AIDS the better.

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